Friday, January 16, 2009

Get on the Bus: The Trip to DC

So yesterday afternoon Braden, Matt and I packed up our 10 bags and hopped a bus to DC. For six hours we slept, snacked on PB&Js, ranted about Studs Terkel (about whom we know very little), and snapped some pics on Matt's iPhone.

Inauguration isn't until Tuesday, but the Thursday before was the only time we could get tickets even though we booked these tickets months ago. For a bus to DC at 2:00 PM on a Thursday the cabin was surprisingly full. I don't know how many of the people around us were trekking down for the inauguration, but judging by their business caj attire and visible disappointment at our boisterous nature, I'm assuming not many. No matter 'cause the energy on the ride was visceral. We stopped at Roy Rogers (where we saw a massive Rick Ross Trilla van), read some USA Today and kept on the phone trying to spread the word for Litter Free Inauguration.

We got in to DC around 6, where we met Matt's dad. We loaded up the car with all our gear and sat with most of it piled on top of Braden and me in the backseat. We dropped all our stuff in Matt's brother's old bedroom in Chevy Chase and head out into Silver Sprung to see if we could pick a cheap camcorder from Radioshack for $20 each. The Pakistani dude at Radio Shack just shook his head when I asked him, "Do you have any digital camcorders?"

"Naw," he said, and went back to arranging the blue tooth earpieces behind the counter.

So we picked up some salads at Parkway Deli, which David Simon calls his favorite place to eat in the DC/Baltimore area (80% speculative), and headed back to Chevy Chase to refuel with oven heated cannelloni with Matt's parents around the dinner table.

After popping some zinc to stave off the tickles in our throats after too many nights of not sleeping, we headed over to Mt. Pleasant to meet our boy Wade who may or may not be a History major now faking his way through a gig as a "webmaster" for a high-ranking Democratic public servant. Dude was in rare form doing all kinds of Blagojevich impressions and dropping Serb jokes like he was a Bridgeport Croat getting coffee at a diner on Archer Ave (I know nothing about Chicago south of, um, Evanston).

Then we met our girl Olivia, who works at YouTube, drank some mango chamomile tea and headed back to Chevy Chase to catch some zees. Naturally, since it was only 2 AM we had like 5 hours before our our sleep cycles kicked in so we were up till like 4 messing around with our Flip Cam trying to put our first video blog up. Unfortunately it was too homoerotic with 3 dudes crammed into one room with a few cats, and we figured y'all weren't ready for that.

But something's coming soon. Okay, we got to head out soon and try to get some radio spots together and keep spreading the word about Litter Free Inauguration. Don't forget to hit us up on Facebook and USA Service Dot Org. Check in later.

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