Saturday, January 10, 2009


In just a few days Barack Obama will be sworn in as the 44th President of the United States. As President, Mr. Obama will inspire us to do more to help change the country for the better. Barack has said in order for real change to happen, each of us needs to make it happen. As our first commitment to change, we propose that every American planning on attending the Inauguration without a ticket pledge to make it a litter free event. Many campaign events this fall ended with hours of clean up by volunteers and city workers. We should not have to rely solely on them on Inauguration Day to keep America's front yard beautiful. By bringing a bag to the National Mall and picking up after ourselves, we can ensure a clean and socially responsible start to the Obama administration. Yes we can take responsibility for our actions! Yes we can change the World! Yes we can keep the National Mall litter free!

Please help us. Please inform anyone planning on attending Inaugural events on the National Mall. As millions of visitors come to America's Front Yard to celebrate this historic event, let's see what happens when everyone treats the National Mall like its their own front lawn. Tuesday January 13th, we will launch an online PSA featuring Washingtonian actor and activist Matt Pearson in an effort to ensure people are committed to our National Mall.

We hope after you receive this message you will:

1. Pass the message on to people and groups that you know plan on attending

2. Forward the video to your local newspaper, radio station or other media outlet

3. Create your own creative way to convince people to make Litter Free Inauguration successful

4. Post the link on your blog, Facebook profile or other new media outlets you use

5. Create a YouTube video response to our PSA asking friends and neighbors to commit to a litter free Inauguration

Litter Free Inauguration was conceived by a group of young people inspired by Barack Obama's message of change. Through a new media campaign including YouTube, blogs, Facebook, and email, this group hopes to spread this idea to all Inaugural attendees. Litter Free Inauguration is one simple idea and it is our hope that ideas like this one will be disseminated and acted upon on a regular basis during the Obama administration. This is a new era for civic participation and personal responsibility, and we hope this is just the beginning.

Thank you for your help in creating a clean and responsible celebration!

For more information view the YouTube link and for press information please contact Braden Kay at Arizona State's School of Sustainability at

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