Monday, January 19, 2009


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  1. I hope you guys are out helping to pick up the trash that litters the National Mall.

    Some change!

  2. Wow, looks like the Obama supporters aren't too environmental. I personally find that most of them want something for nothing and believe somebody owes them something.

    I'm sick by the trash and the way that people just walked by and didn't even bother to clean up after themselves.

    Corruption and trash.

  3. We did stick around after inauguration and help cleanup trash left in our area. We were glad to see a bunch of people doing the same thing. Thing is, Litter Free Inauguration wasn't about picking up after other people, it was about encouraging everyone to re-imagine service as small, individual acts we can do every day to be better citizens of America.

    We believe everyone at Inauguration meant well, they just didn't consider what they would do with their garbage. Trash and litter are always the elephants in the room at large events. We knew cleanup crews would make sure the National Mall was restored to its pre-Inauguration condition (the Mall still needs our help in terms of restoration and preservation). Our goal with Litter Free Inauguration was simply to promote a new understanding of civic responsibility to our planet, our country and to each other.

  4. I applaud what you all tried to accomplish this inauguration, and while I am Conservative I am also an environmentalist.

    It is hard to expect people to take care of their own messes, especially when they want the government to do everything for them.