Saturday, January 17, 2009

Speaking 'Litter'-ally: Have You Signd Up on USA

We got to jet in like 20 minutes so I'm going to say this fast. You should totally signup for our even on USA, the site President Obama is using to promote this weekend as a National Weekend of Service. It's not totally appropriate that we're up there since our event is on the 20th and after the official conclusion of service weekend, but it's another way to get the word out.

Litter Free Inauguration on USA Service Dot Org

We got an awesome comment on the Event post yesterday. It said something like this:

"This is great idea, but what exactly would we be doing? Handing out bags on the National Mall and picking up trash? I mean, I'm there. I just don't get it."

No. No way. Absolutely not. Litter Free Inauguration is so simple it's almost illogical. All we're doing is "litter"-ally asking people to bring a bag of their own to the National Mall and make sure they fill it with any trash they may be tempted to leave behind. Garbage cans are going to be scarce and those that are there will be overflowing, so let's show some love to the city of DC for hosting all our progressive asses and clean-up after ourselves.

See? It's like a symbolic act. If every person picks up after themselves on January 20th, the National Mall could theoretically be left litter free come Wednesday morning and we will have made plainly obvious to everyone, especially ourselves, that even small, personal acts of service can add up to create a tremendous difference.

In this new age of hopetimism, let's prove all the doubters wrong; let's show them we didn't just vote for rhetoric and bombast; let's show them we're committed to acting on behalf of our country and our neighbors every day for the next eight years. Let's start January 20th, by making sure President Barack Obama's inauguration is litter free on America's Front Lawn.

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